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Countdown to Korra Book 3 Premiere!

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Age: 14
Nation: Fire
Birthplace: Fire Nation

Fanlistings: None

Ty Lee is a close friend of Azula whose life dream was to participate in the circus as an acrobat. She is incredibly flexible and is always smiling. But when Azula came to visit her, things changed. Both had known each other from The Royal Academy of Girls and had been good friends. When Azula had asked her to join her on the hunt for her brother she denied it at first, stating that her life was with the circus.

Eventually, Azula had convinced her enough into joining her on the hunt and abandoning her dreams as an acrobat, although she wasn’t a very good one. Ty Lee has a peculiar technique by hitting some pressure points on a person and rendering them useless from bending. There are many things yet to know about Ty Lee and hopefully we get more into her past.

The young Fire Nation girl is the same age as Azula, about age 14, and is also friends with Mai. Apparently, she also knows Zuko as well.

It seems Ty Lee has developed quite a bit of a crush on Sokka.  It began when Ty Lee told Mai in "The Chase" "Was it just me or was that guy kinda cute?".  In "The Drill" Ty Lee gave Sokka a look that indicated her interest.  And in the season 2 finale, she made poking gestures at Sokka to make it like they're dancing.

Character description written by air_gurl13
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