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Countdown to Korra Book 3 Premiere!

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Dec 20, 2006 at 07:15 PM

When running any site, you need the help of others in order to make it successful. Honeestly, we don't take all the screen caps, make all the sprites, etc. We use already-made graphics and alter them to create our unique look. So this is essentially the "thank you" page, and also a way to comply with most sites' rules of crediting them with using their content. So please take some time to look over this list, and even view some of these great Avatar sites!

Now, on to the list...




Site Template:

  • Ades Design (original design for second version templates; has been altered)
  • (original design for original elemental version templates; has been altered)

Scripts (all are free except the chat):


Now some people:


  • Arthur - the logo you see on the Korra layout
  • Jenna - tab animation
  • Pon De Replay - initial logo design
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