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Please consider donating something to the site! All donations go back into the site to help cover the costs of running this site.

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Feb 17, 2007 at 12:16 PM

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Ads and Donations page here at Dongbu Feng. Here I will explain why we have ads on this site, and why there's a link for donations, and more.

Why are there third-party advertisements on this site?

Well, simply put, a fansite is not free to run. We made the executive decision after countless tries and failed free web hosts to buy a domain and a professional paid host. We knew this would cost money and we were willing to pay it to start off the site.

To sum it all up, the ads are just a way to help support the site and keep it running. We need to cover the costs of running the site in order to keep it operational. There are fees yearly for the domain name and every 3 months for web hosting (compounded every month).

In no way do we encourage you to just click the links. If you see ad ad that you'd like to check out, feel free to click on it. But do not click them just for the fun of it. The companies only want people who would be interested in their product or service, not random clickers. So please be courteous to our advertisers and do not click the links unless you really want to find out more about it.

What are the and Barnes & buttons for?

Also on the left-hand side close to the bottom are buttons for and Barnes & We have affiliated with these websites' stores to allow you to easily and conveniently purchase Avatar-related merchandise. If you are interested in an Avatar product you will most likely find it at either of those sites. Clicking through these links and buying stuff will support DF also. But you should not click the links unless you are intent on purchasing an item.

Note that we are in no other affiliation with these websites other than providing you links to purchase products. These sites pay commissions for every product sold through our affiliation, which help cover the cost of running this site. This is the extent of our involvement, we are not business partners or anything like that. Dongbu Feng is entirely non-profit. Funds obtained go to aid web hosting costs, domain name costs and costs needed to run the site.

What's the easiest way to buy Avatar products?

We do have a merchandise area off-site, powered by It is located here. (or by clicking the "Merchandise" button underneath the Dongbu Feng header at the top of the page) It is divided into different categories for convenience and just has Avatar-related items in the pages (though it does have a "Similar" feature) and you can shop and add stuff to your cart just like if you were shopping on the main Amazon site. It's like for Avatar fans!

Why should I donate to Dongbu Feng?

Well I guess just to be nice and help us out. There is a "Make a Donation" button on the top-right menu of the home page where you can securely donate through Paypal. Even as little as $1 helps, there is no required amount. A donation in any amount is greatly appreciated and helps Dongbu Feng stay on the web and deliver information on Avatar!

We'll keep a running tally of our donators here on this page. Thanks to our sole donator to date:

Gayle Wildman

Are there any other ways to help support Dongbu Feng?

Unfortunately not at this time. In the future there may be other ways to help us, but for now these are the only ways.

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