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Countdown to Korra Book 3 Premiere!

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Description: Avatar: Autumn Twilight is a fun 3-D aventure where you can play as either a waterbender or an earthbender and fight your way through three different chapters. Throughout the game you will face such opponents as firebenders, crazy birds and animals, firebending masters, as well as fire-breathing dragons. As you go through the levels and defeat opponents, you will receive more bending moves (like the water whip, etc.) and also have chances to power up. Certain bending moves require a certain number of CHI points. Currently the game has three "chapter," but it is not known if more will be added in the future.

Notes: Requires a free account; contains a very informative Avatar mini-site inside

Our Rating: 9.3 out of 10
It's a great game but at times the graphics can appear sort of choppy.  However, the action makes up for it.  You can be a waterbender or earthbender and try to defeat the fire nation.  There are currently 3 chapters of the game up, and it's unknown if they'll do any more.

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